One Scan to Help Prevent Stroke, Heart Attack, and Diabetes

BioWellness Full Body Scan

Get a full picture of your health to spot early signs of disease and take action.

Holistica’s BioWellness Scan is a painless, non-invasive screening that can be performed in a primary care physician’s office as part of an annual health exam.

Holistica’s BioWellness Scan evaluates all major organs and systems and analyzes body composition and nutritional metrics.

Results are available in minutes to uncover signs of metabolic syndrome, which can be a precursor to stroke, heart attack, and diabetes.

If you have a family history of these conditions or if you have other chronic diseases, Holistica’s BioWellness Scan is a critical test to help you know your numbers and take control of your health.

About the Scan

Painless, fast and comprehensive, the BioWellness scan is performed with the patient fully clothed.

The patient will be connected to a medical device via biosensors for several minutes. Afterward, the physician can access a complete report via computer. Working together, the primary care physician and patient can use these results to develop a care plan and better manage risks and conditions. When BioWellness scans are performed over time, a trending tool helps identify changes in a patient's health and intervene before it’s too late. The primary care physician will determine the frequency based on the results.

  • Arterial Stiffness and Blood Pressure
  • Oxygen Saturation and Hemodynamics
  • Pulse and Heart Rate
  • Body Composition

The Greatest Wealth is Health

"He who takes medicine and neglects his diet wastes the skill of his doctors." - Chinese Proverb